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The Faith to Stay the Course

It has been an awesome year under some of the most difficult circumstances. COVID still roams our Country, our Armed Forces find themselves under the stress of deployments, and our First Responders face many National and local tragedies on a daily basis.

However, we know the God is still on the throne and still in charge. We must keep the Faith and trust in our Lord. I think of the storms that we face in our lives as well as the current storms our Country and communities face. I am reminded that our Lord and Savior has the power to calm the storm. Often, we are distracted just as the disciples were when facing the storm on the Sea of Galilee (Mark 4 35-41). The disciples have the one Man-Savior in the storm with them who could rescue them from the storm but failed to recognize that because their focus was diverted. The disciples focus was the on the storm rather than the one who could rescue them from the storm.

We at times are very much like the disciples. We have a tendency to try and fix our own issues or storms. We must keep the FAITH. Our focus must be on the Lord and His divine love, sustainment, forgiveness and power. We have a Lord who promises to never leave us or forsake us. We serve a God who has the power to calm the storms of our lives.

Here at Task Force Heroes we want to provide a setting that allows our attendees to reflect on their Faith, their storms, and their current life situations. We have been extremely blessed with a year to date total of 235 warriors that have come through our Bozeman facility in 4 seasons.

As we press on in our mission to serve those that serve us, we continue to be humbled by the numerous agencies that are attending the Task Force Heroes renewal center. We welcome some of our newest agencies that have attended or will be rounding out the 2021 season, Huntington Beach PD, Anaheim PD, and Cherokee CO Georgia Sheriff’s Department. Also a special thanks to our veterans who have come from several sates this season.

May we keep the Faith as we move on in our mission to do everything we can to serve those Veterans and First Responders that serve and have served us.

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