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Pastor Shane’s Point of View: Summer 2017

We are excited about 2017 as we continue to grow and serve those brave men and women who serve us!

Our annual Gala was a huge success. Most importantly, it provided us an opportunity to recognize and honor 11 of our nation’s heroes which included veterans from Vietnam, WWII, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as first responders (fire fighters and police) from right here in our own communities.

I am consistently amazed at the sacrifice these men and women make. I am also amazed at the sacrifice their families and loved ones make as they send their warriors off to foreign countries to fight for our freedom or to the streets, cities and counties to keep the peace and provide a safe environment for all of us to live.

These brave men and women are cut from a different mold. They hold true to the importance of not only selflessness, but to the real meaning of service by placing themselves in harm’s way for us. But they face many challenges living a life of frontline action. Currently the VA reports 22 service members are committing suicide daily. We see marriages struggling as the reintegration process continues to be difficult to negotiate. We also see that Post Traumatic Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder continues to be a reality of being exposed to trauma on a frequent basis. That is where Task Force Heroes desires to stand in the gap and be an additional tool and resource for their healing and support.

My team and I are excited about 2017 and all of the great missions we have planned to give back to our warriors. But we cannot perform our service to them without your support. We thank you for your consistent and vigilant efforts in partnering with us.

In His Service,
Pastor Shane

Task Force Heroes

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