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From the Foxhole: Sanctuary

As we look at Sanctuary as our theme, we reflect on those that we serve, our first responders and veterans. In each of these frontline careers we can see how a sanctuary can be a place of comfort. Firefighters may see their bunk space or room as a place of sanctuary. A place where they find respite, privacy, alone time, reflection. Police officers may even articulate their radio car as their sanctuary. The radio car is a place where they are somewhat comfortable, they can have intimate conversations with their radio car partner, feel a sense of safety, they know where everything is placed and how it works. Military service members, when deployed, may live in a combat housing unit where they will skillfully and thoughtfully design and or build their “sanctuary” to find their needs so they can have that privacy, alone time, and rest. They will make it their own in an effort to even make it feel sort of like home.

And although all of these places may suffice as temporary sanctuaries, the fact is that any place where the Lord is present is a true Sanctuary. When God is present, true peace and comfort are also present. At Task Force Heroes, we strive to provide a place where these Heroes can find sanctuary. A place where rest, reflection, trust, and peace can be found through a Christ centered atmosphere. An atmosphere within God’s handpainted mountain terrain, beautiful lakes and streams, and a sky that is truly a “Big Sky.” TFH is not a place of work but a place of rest. It is not a place where there are threats, but it is a place of safety. It is not a place with a chain of command but a place where our Commander is the Lord, and He loves unconditionally, gives of Himself freely and provides endlessly. In closing, Task Force Heroes is a sanctuary for our Nation’s Heroes. A place where they can grow, rest, reflect and be in the presence of our Lord, the one true healer.

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