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2021 Year End Giving

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As many of you know we are funded through generous donations from those that support us. We do not ask anything of those that attend and they come here with no charge to them. Our attendees are here to rest, find renewal and to reflect on their lives while working through a Biblical based curriculum to obtain some tools to cope with the stress of Frontline careers.

As we wrap up the 2021 season, we are proud to report that 249 of our nation’s Heroes have attended the Task Force Heroes Renewal Center in just 4 seasons! Agencies represented to date include:

  • Veterans from across the country (Iraq, Afghanistan, Gulf War, Vietnam)
  • LAPD Metro Division
  • LA City Fire
  • LA CO Fire
  • Long Beach Fire
  • Huntington Beach Police Dept
  • Anaheim Police Dept
  • NYPD
  • Port Authority Police Dept (NY, NJ)
  • LA CO Sheriff
  • CA Dept of Corrections
  • Ventura CO Fire-TEMS
  • Simi Valley Police Dept
  • Gallatin CO Sheriff (MT)
  • Montana Tribal Police (Varying Locations)
  • Cherokee CO Sheriff’s Dept (GA)

The only way we can do this is through your support!! Please consider giving to Task Force Heroes so we can continue to serve our nation’s Heroes….loving and serving those that serve us!

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From the Foxhole: Summer/Fall 2021

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On behalf of Task Force Heroes we want to thank all of our donors, volunteers and prayer partners! We could not serve our Veterans and First Responders without you!

We have had an awesome season and we’re not finished! With 2 more groups to go we are focused on finishing strong!!! We also had the awesome opportunity to conduct our 3rd annual Fuel Fitness fundraiser fitness event. It was an awesome event and very humbling to watch those competing for a cause that supports our Nation’s Heroes.

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The Faith to Stay the Course

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It has been an awesome year under some of the most difficult circumstances. COVID still roams our Country, our Armed Forces find themselves under the stress of deployments, and our First Responders face many National and local tragedies on a daily basis.

However, we know the God is still on the throne and still in charge. We must keep the Faith and trust in our Lord. I think of the storms that we face in our lives as well as the current storms our Country and communities face. I am reminded that our Lord and Savior has the power to calm the storm. Often, we are distracted just as the disciples were when facing the storm on the Sea of Galilee (Mark 4 35-41). The disciples have the one Man-Savior in the storm with them who could rescue them from the storm but failed to recognize that because their focus was diverted. The disciples focus was the on the storm rather than the one who could rescue them from the storm.

We at times are very much like the disciples. We have a tendency to try and fix our own issues or storms. We must keep the FAITH. Our focus must be on the Lord and His divine love, sustainment, forgiveness and power. We have a Lord who promises to never leave us or forsake us. We serve a God who has the power to calm the storms of our lives.

Here at Task Force Heroes we want to provide a setting that allows our attendees to reflect on their Faith, their storms, and their current life situations. We have been extremely blessed with a year to date total of 235 warriors that have come through our Bozeman facility in 4 seasons.

As we press on in our mission to serve those that serve us, we continue to be humbled by the numerous agencies that are attending the Task Force Heroes renewal center. We welcome some of our newest agencies that have attended or will be rounding out the 2021 season, Huntington Beach PD, Anaheim PD, and Cherokee CO Georgia Sheriff’s Department. Also a special thanks to our veterans who have come from several sates this season.

May we keep the Faith as we move on in our mission to do everything we can to serve those Veterans and First Responders that serve and have served us.

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From the Foxhole: Sanctuary

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As we look at Sanctuary as our theme, we reflect on those that we serve, our first responders and veterans. In each of these frontline careers we can see how a sanctuary can be a place of comfort. Firefighters may see their bunk space or room as a place of sanctuary. A place where they find respite, privacy, alone time, reflection. Police officers may even articulate their radio car as their sanctuary. The radio car is a place where they are somewhat comfortable, they can have intimate conversations with their radio car partner, feel a sense of safety, they know where everything is placed and how it works. Military service members, when deployed, may live in a combat housing unit where they will skillfully and thoughtfully design and or build their “sanctuary” to find their needs so they can have that privacy, alone time, and rest. They will make it their own in an effort to even make it feel sort of like home.

And although all of these places may suffice as temporary sanctuaries, the fact is that any place where the Lord is present is a true Sanctuary. When God is present, true peace and comfort are also present. At Task Force Heroes, we strive to provide a place where these Heroes can find sanctuary. A place where rest, reflection, trust, and peace can be found through a Christ centered atmosphere. An atmosphere within God’s handpainted mountain terrain, beautiful lakes and streams, and a sky that is truly a “Big Sky.” TFH is not a place of work but a place of rest. It is not a place where there are threats, but it is a place of safety. It is not a place with a chain of command but a place where our Commander is the Lord, and He loves unconditionally, gives of Himself freely and provides endlessly. In closing, Task Force Heroes is a sanctuary for our Nation’s Heroes. A place where they can grow, rest, reflect and be in the presence of our Lord, the one true healer.

Pastor Shane’s Point of View: Summer 2019

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I hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying the Lord’s blessings in your life. His blessings never cease to amaze me as we continue to grow and move forward as a ministry. I am humbled every time I see the hearts of these warriors who walk through the door of this Renewal Center.

Many are unsure of what to expect, or how the four day retreat will go. However, by the end of the four days we have become family, and it is always sad to see them leave. We grind through those things in our hearts that have caused us pain, we celebrate the victories God has provided us, and we enjoy His beautiful creation outdoors through our Mountain Bike adventures, archery range and competitions, and fly fishing. To see the change in some of these brave warriors is amazing and humbling at the same time. Even just seeing them have a chance to relax and look deeper into their lives is something that we cherish here at Task Force Heroes.

The past two years in Bozeman, MT, have been so incredible and we are so grateful to all of our sponsors, donors, volunteers and prayer warriors. We would not be able to do what we have been called to do without you. This year we have been blessed with a new vehicle for transporting our attendees and 2 new UTV’s to provide property tours and transport to the various outdoor events.

We also were asked to be a part of the first annual Veteran and First Responder Appreciation BBQ which was held at Journey Church. We had an awesome turnout of Vets and First Responders from all around Gallatin County. The music was awesome and the BBQ fantastic. We look forward to our next event BBQ in the summer of 2020. For this year we are gearing up for our Fitness Challenge with Fuel Fitness scheduled for Sept 14th. As you know we had a great turnout last year and this is shaping up to be even bigger with more challenging events.

In closing please remember to continue to pray for those frontline warriors who are in harm’s way every day, and for us here at TFH. The enemy never stops trying to tear down the work of the Lord. But as we know the victory has already been won by our Lord and Savior Jesus!

Read more from the Summer 2019 Task Force Heroes newsletter.

2018: Year in Review

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We’re pleased to share the following highlights from 2018 – our first year offering retreats at the Task Force Heroes Renewal Center. All of the heroes that attend our retreats do so at no cost to them (approximately $1,000 value). It is solely for the donations of our generous supporters that they are able to attend. If you are able to sponsor or help to sponsor a hero to attend one of our retreats, we invite you to make a tax-deductible donation through our website.

61 veterans, firefighters, and police officers attended the 4-day retreats held at the Task Force Heroes Renewal Center between April 20 – November 1, 2018.

  • 21 chapel services conducted
    • 8 additional chapel services with communion
  • 14 mountain bike adventures
  • 14 archery competitions with instruction
  • 14 fly fishing sessions with individual lessons for all attendees
  • 126 meals served – all prepared by 1 staff member
  • 14 resiliency peer-to-peer groups
  • 28 peer-to-peer lessons using the 4 C’s of Godly visioning: Core, Capabilities, Context, Courage

Over 87 individuals have toured the facility in 2018.

Agencies Represented by Individual Attendees

  • Long Beach Fire Department
  • Los Angeles County Fire Department
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
  • Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD)
  • Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Metro Division
  • Montana Tribal Police
  • Nashua Police Department, New Hampshire
  • New York City Police Department (NYPD)
  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department
  • U.S. Army Veterans
  • U.S. Marine Corps Veterans

Veterans from the Following States

  • California
  • Montana
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

Conflicts Where Our Attendees have Served

  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan
  • Operation New Dawn-Iraq
  • Desert Storm-Iraq



Thank you for all of your support in 2018! Would you consider partnering with us in 2019? Your financial support allows us to extend our ministry to those we serve. Tax-deductible gifts can be made securely through our website. If you or someone you know would benefit from attending the Heroes Renewal Center, please apply to attend a retreat or contact us.

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From the Foxhole: Spring 2018

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Archery at the Heroes Renewal Center

We are so excited to have begun operations at our new Task Force Heroes Renewal Center in Bozeman, Montana.

On April 20-22, we were honored to have some of our nation’s finest here to experience the beauty of the “Big Sky Country.” Several LA County Firefighters arrived and were able to experience fly fishing, archery, peer to peer groups, bonfire discussions, great meals, and protestant chapel services.

We were also blessed with some wonderful volunteers who assisted our staff and attendees with fly fishing instruction, archery instruction, and more. We greatly enjoyed the opportunity to serve them as they have served so many over the years, often times with little thanks. These firefighters are not only pillars in their agencies but also pillars in their communities.

Our staff here at Task Force Heroes are honored by these great community servants, and we are looking forward to future retreats with military combat veterans from the local community and some large police groups from the east coast.

Please continue to pray for us and for those who choose to attend the Heroes Renewal Center.

Pastor Shane’s Point of View: Spring 2018

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In my previous letter we recognized some military Chaplains who had made the ultimate sacrifice, demonstratng love for their service members and their country.

Let’s take a moment to look at the importance of love and loving one another. Love can be described several ways, however I would like to focus on the commonly used word for love in the Bible and that is Agape (Αγάπη) love. This the Greek word for Love. It is an unconditional, no limits love. It is also defined as a love that had no parameters or bounds. I believe often times that we cannot even comprehend this type of love as humans. This self-emptying and divine love is something that we must practice and give to others as followers of Christ.

However, I realize it is difficult to do. We hold on to hurts, and wrongs, fail to truly forgive and can become selfish and self-centered. I believe that at times we can even put our own conditions on love as if to say, “well only if he or she does this then I can love them”.

Well I am happy to say that our Father in Heaven does not do that. And thanks be to God that He doesn’t! If He did we not be able to experience the Love that He gives. We could not demonstrate that love to others. We could not care for others like we should without that Christ-like example of love.

So today I ask you, do you husbands out there love your wives like Christ loved the church? Do you love your neighbors with that agape love? Do you love those in need like Christ loves you when you are in need or not? Do you live a life of selflessness instead of selfishness?

It is not easy. We all make mistakes, but we have an example for our daily lives and that is Christ. Through His healing of those in need and His sacrifice on the cross, He has set the example for us all.

I will conclude with this verse from the book of John chapter 1 verse 29: “The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, ‘Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!’” The interesting part of this verse is that the word used here for “world” is the Greek word “Κόσμο” meaning “Kosmos”, or the entire universe, the whole world and everything in it.

This is that demonstrated Agape love telling us that He died and was resurrected for you and for this whole world! Enjoy the comfort in knowing our Savior Jesus Christ that through His love for you and for me, we can be eternally secure through our belief in Him and our Faith in Him!

Read more from the Spring 2018 Task Force Heroes newsletter.

From the Foxhole: Firefighter Captain David Krisman

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As many of you know, I enjoy bringing a message from the frontlines by honoring a Hero who has served our nation and our communities. This quarter, I want to honor one of our very own board members, Firefighter Captain David Krisman.

David has served with the Los Angeles County Fire Department for 32 years, after joining the agency in 1985. Some of his assignments include station 73 in Newhall, CA; station 107 in Santa Clarita, CA; station 76 in Valencia, CA; station 36 in Carson, CA; station 92 in Little Rock, CA; and his current assignment as Captain of station 11 in Alta Dena, CA. David successfully graduated from paramedic school in 1992 and served as a paramedic for 10 years. In 2002, David became a Fire Fighter Engineer and served as an Engineer for 10 years before he was promoted to Fire Captain in 2013.

David has earned many awards in the line of duty. To name a few, David was awarded Helicopter Crew of the Year as part of a crew that rescued 2 injured firefighters during night time operations in a wild land fire. Additionally, David was awarded the Medal of Valor for attempting to rescue a man in a vehicle that was submerged under water in an aqueduct. Although the man passed away from his injuries, David risked his life by jumping in the water and attempting to swim down to the vehicle and free the trapped occupant.

David embodies the character of a warrior as demonstrated by his career accomplishments, and his life of sacrifice and service.

David also has been married to his wonderful wife Katrina for 11 years. Together they have 3 children and currently attend Horizon Baptist Church located in Camarillo, CA. He enjoys spending time with his family and woodworking.

This country is fortunate to have men such as David out there serving and protecting us from the dangers and threats that rise up in our communities. I am very honored and humbled to be able to honor this local Hero. I would ask that we continue to pray for all of our service members, first responders, and our nation’s leadership. These brave men and women are on the frontlines every day serving us and they deserve our prayers.

Pastor Shane’s Point of View: Fall 2017

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Amidst our somewhat divided country today, it is good to reflect on the sacrifices and selfless acts of others.
These four chaplains define what our country should be about. It did not matter what their religious worldview was, or the color of their skin, or their income. These four warriors came together to save others and make the ultimate sacrifice while ignoring their own safety.

The Four Chaplains, also sometimes referred to as the “Immortal Chaplains” or the “Dorchester Chaplains,” were four U.S. Army Chaplains who gave their lives to save other civilian and military personnel as the troop ship SS Dorchester sank on February 3, 1943, during World War II.

The relatively new chaplains all held the rank of first lieutenant. They included Methodist minister the Reverend George Fox, Reform Rabbi Alexander D. Goode (Ph.D.), Roman Catholic priest Father John P. Washington, and Reformed Church in America minister the Reverend Clark V. Poling. Their backgrounds, personalities, and denominations were different, although Goode, Poling and Washington had all served as leaders in the Boy Scouts of America. They met at the Army Chaplains School at Harvard University, where they prepared for assignments in the European theater, sailing on board Dorchester to report to their new assignments.

When there were no more lifejackets in the storage room, the chaplains removed theirs and gave them to four frightened young men. One survivor would later say, “It was the finest thing I have seen or hope to see this side of heaven.”

As the ship went down, survivors in nearby rafts could see the four chaplains — arms linked, braced against the slanting deck with voices heard praying and singing hymns.

I believe it is when we look for the best in others and look at their hearts in love that we will see true progress in our country. It is when we are willing to stop being selfish and having our own agendas when we can truly see God’s will in our lives. It is when we are willing to sacrifice for others that we truly understand the meaning of love and what Christ did on the cross for us. Whether we are willing to sacrifice our time to serve others, our finances, or share our homes by inviting others in, or even sacrificing our very lives for another, it all boils down to sacrificing for others in need. This was best defined by Christ’s actions on the cross. Jesus was willing to go to the cross, suffer and sacrifice Himself for all of us.

In closing, I want to challenge all of you and myself to think about the level of sacrifice in your life. Are you too comfortable? Are you giving and sacrificing something to others? What are you willing to do for people in need?

These four chaplains knew there was a need and they responded. They made a decision to be willing to die for the men around them. Politics did not matter, the individual’s religion did not matter, but the lives of their soldiers and civilians mattered. These brave men left a legacy of sacrifice for all of us to remember and honor.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Shane