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Pastor Shane’s Point of View: Fall 2014

Dear Partner,

Thank you for your love for our military, law enforcement and first responder family. Just wanted to say how much I am going to miss each one of you. It hit me as I was leaving my house realizing I would not be back for a long while.

The ministry is in good hands with a strong board and Timothy (TJ) doing a great job at taking the lead while I am downrange. It looks like the next phase of this journey has begun.

Please remember why we do what we do. We do it for Christ and for those brave men and women who sacrifice for us. I fight against my feelings every day, thinking to myself this is tough. I am gone again.

I think of my family and how much they will change while I am gone. Not being there when they hurt to comfort them, or to hug and kiss them. I think of my grandson not recognizing me when I come home. But that’s how I feel at the moment – its all a part of the ministry God has called me to.

I am not the only one. Many have gone before and will continue to go. Please take care of each other.

Our Healing Heroes Team has a common goal – that is to serve others and to serve one another. I could not have asked God for a better team to serve with and a better cause to partner with you.

I am prepared for, and accept the call that God has placed on my life for “such a time as this.”

In His Service,

Pastor Shane
Healing Heroes Ministries

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